Bron-Y-Wendon Wi-fi


We now have a new Wi-Fi system at Bron-Y-Wendon, customers can now access and pay for the Wi-Fi themselves from their devices without having to come into reception.

To access the Wi-Fi, search for ‘Bron-Y-Wendon Wi-Fi’ from your settings. Make sure you do this from a device (or one of the devices ) you intend to use the Wi-Fi from.

  • Settings.
  • make sure the Wi-Fi is on, a list of available Wi-Fi will be shown.
  • Click on ‘Bron-Y-Wendon Wi-Fi’, the Wi-Fi log in page will appear, this is how it should look on a mobile.
  • Click on where it says ‘Plans’, a list will appear with all our plans, showing the cost, number of devices and duration.

To view our Wi-Fi Plans click here.

  • Choose the plan you need and select payment method; Paypal will take you to your Paypal log in, if paying by Visa/Mastercard you will need to click on ‘New payment method’ and enter your email, name, phone number and card details.
  • Click confirm and pay.


If you have already paid, then simply go to the ‘Already paid’ drop down and enter the email address used to pay for the Wi-Fi. Customers that have already paid for more than one device can access the Wi-Fi for their extra devices here by entering the email they used when paying.

If you need any help or have any issues with the Wi-Fi please call into reception.