Many caravanners think they are going to love caravanning, only to find that it’s not quite as easy as they had hoped. That’s okay, with a bit of preparation and hard work, you’ll be off in no time. These 5 tips will help you get the most out of your first experience so you can keep coming back again and again!

Plan where you are going

The best way to enjoy a caravan trip is to plan where you are going. Plan your route, think about things like any long stretches of driving and how you will keep children occupied when it gets too quiet or boring for them! Games, and things to do like books or audiobooks are a great idea. This is also an opportunity to think about safety and plan where you will stop on your trip. Be sure to book ahead with plenty of time before you want to leave as not all places are caravan friendly – you shouldn’t leave things until the last minute, that’s for sure. Do your research on the right touring park for you!

Get the right equipment

This means renting or buying a suitable van, tent and trailer (if you’re towing one) that are up to your task. Ensure you have all you need before leaving and be sure to test it beforehand; don’t assume everything is working just because it was when you bought it. It is also worth investing in some good quality gear such as sleeping bags, stoves and cooking equipment – make sure they suit your specific needs.

Choose the right park for you

When you first start looking at parks to stay in as a caravanner, it can seem a little daunting. It can also be hard to know what might suit your needs and be worth paying for. There are even some (like our park) that cater specifically to caravanners so you don’t have to deal with tents everywhere! Also, make sure the facilities you need are in place too!

Be careful with your caravan

Caravans can be quite dangerous. Your most important priority is keeping children safe and therefore, you should make sure that they are protected from any potential dangers by making sure your caravan is deployed properly. When it comes to kids, always keep an eye on them and pay attention to where they are playing! Remember that fire safety is crucial too. If you have an outside space with a campfire, be safe!


The hardest part about caravanning is relaxing. It’s not an activity to be rushed or stressed about. It should be treated as a holiday and you have to remember the whole point of a holiday is to relax and have a good time! So slow down, let someone else take the wheel for a bit (if you can) and enjoy the experience of seeing new places in your own special way.