The North Wales Coast has always been known to be one of the most beautiful coastal areas in the whole of Britain. It’s steeped in history, it has stunning scenery and it has so much to offer that you won’t want to leave! There are plenty of reasons why you should visit the North Wales Coast, but here are six of the most important ones.

Stunning ocean views

The North Wales coast offers spectacular views of the Irish Sea. Nature lovers will rejoice as it has a spectacular selection of beaches of all varieties. From Llandullas to Llandudno and Newborough Beach – there is so much to get at. It’s no wonder that beach fans from all over the nation come to the North Wales coastline to enjoy the sights.

The Great Orme

With its stunning views, excellent walking trails and history – the Great Orme is a great place to visit. It’s been in international news thanks to its horde of goats parading around town like they own the place! News outlets far and wide have documented this and it became a viral story- It’s the image of the goats munching on the hedges belonging to the folk of Llandudno that really makes for an amusing image. Witnesses these in the wild on the scenic cliffs of the Great Orme.


The North Wales coast is home to many species of wildlife; while you’re exploring our coastal path, keep your eyes peeled for local favourites like Seals, Marine Birds and dolphins. Our coastline has a lot to offer in terms of pure, unspoilt beauty. Whatever activities take your fancy on our pristine coastline, you can be sure it’ll be a fantastic day out.

Stay at a fantastic caravan park

We are so lucky to be located in such a fantastic location – Bron Y Wendon Holiday Park boasts some of the greatest views in the whole country – there is a clear panoramic view of the Irish Sea, which means that every holidayer at the park has an ocean view. This makes it an incredibly appealing location for almost any guest it’s also so easy to find the park. If you have visited us before, why not leave a review here?

Fresh sea air

It’s important to get away from city life every once in a while, and no better way to do that than with a trip to coastal Wales. The fresh sea air will give you a new perspective on life – and if nothing else, you’ll be closer to nature!

Culture and History

With a rich culture reaching back centuries. There’s a vibrant cultural life along the coastline – with towns like Caernarfon and Llandudno just a short jaunt from our holiday park that still boasts plenty of cultural Welsh charm. There are also fascinating castles, historic churches and atmospheric pubs. The coastline is dotted with rocky headlands, sandy beaches and picturesque towns. Try some traditional welsh cuisine and learn some Welsh Language while you are at it.


The North Coast of Wales is a paradise, one that is well worth exploring. Whether you’re looking for tranquil walks, whale watching, or adventure sports on land and sea, there’s something for everyone in North Wales Whether you come in summer or winter—or both—you’ll find a coastline brimming with history and natural beauty.