We understand that folks come from all across the globe to get involved in the action and adventure that North Wales has to offer. As such, we have decided to compile this list of activities that you can take part in as part of your trip to North Wales. You can also check out our recommendations section on our website.

We will be starting with more tame activities and gradually get more extreme as we go – this way, we have something for absolutely everybody. Buckle up and get ready to make some notes. Don’t forget that you can favourite or bookmark this page so that you have something to come back to in the future.


We will begin with walking, something that most people can at least have a go at! We have for this section chosen some simple walks that are accessible to more folks than more high-level mountaineering that could be struggled with.

Conwy Mountain

This mountain overshadows the beautiful walled, castle town of Conwy. We would recommend this to anyone who might not feel confident enough to tackle other hills of Snowdonia, but still wants a taste of what it might hold. You are also treated to spectacular views of the surrounding area. View the surrounding towns of Conwy, Llandudno, Colwyn Bay and beyond from the view of a bird. You can even take a look at the Great Orme, which brings us to our next section.

Conwy Mountain – Credit to Roj


The Great Orme

This ancient limestone headland stands tall and proud on the edge of the Creuddyn peninsula. The town of Llandudno straddles the stretch of land that goes between the Great Orme and its younger sibling the little Orme. You can park up in Llandudno (if you can find a space that is) and then make the walk up the Orme. Additionally, you could drive to the summit if you don’t feel like too much of a walk or have someone disabled with you who merely wants to enjoy the view.

Great Orme View



We have separated this from the previous section because we feel like it takes another level of ability or determination that may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Having said that, we couldn’t possibly move on without mentioning the ever-important peak of Yr Wyddfa (Snowdon) and its most famous Snowdonian brothers and sisters. So, here goes.



By far the most famous and important mountain in all of Wales (and arguably than any in England too), people flock from all over the nation to visit this behemoth of a mountain. Many of our guests see this as a must-do for their North Wales adventures. We recommend checking out this full guide here for more information. There are many routes up Snowdon, some good track for beginners includes the PYG track and the miner’s track.


The summit of Snowdon



This is somewhat more of a challenging hike – while not as high as Snowdon, the ‘Glyders’ – Glyder Fach and Glyder Fawr, have its particular challenges because it is slightly off the beaten track. You need to ensure you do a significant amount of research before properly venturing on your way. Those who want more of a wild challenge will love this! There are lots of cool rock formations at the top that is great fun to have a clamber on – remember though folks, safety first.

Glyder Fawr

One of Glyder Fawr’s crags



This mountain is another very famous and fabled one. It’s less of a walk and more of a scramble! There are a lot of rocky crags that one must overcome to reach the summit – WARNING – not for the faint-hearted. If anyone is feeling a bit macho though, it’s one to tick off the list.

Cannon Stone of Tryfan – Credit Nick Moyes



This is without a doubt one of the most ‘in-vogue’ sports that you can find in this era, and north wales are quite arguably one of the best locations in the world for it. With the enormous selection of lakes and seashores available to have a go at, there is more than enough variety for the discerning outdoor enthusiast. Not sure where to begin? Read on…



Llyn Padarn

Llyn Padarn wins the title of ‘best lake for paddle boarding’ hands-down. This is because in terms of infrastructure there is so much to go here. Ample car parking, some of the best views in Snowdonia National Park, gorgeous surroundings, and there is even a fantastic watersports centre – Snowdonia Watersports – on the banks of this glorious llyn. You can get everything you need for a great day on the water, ranging from wetsuits to paddleboards. You can rent these for a one-off trip or buy them if you fancy committing long term. There is also the lone tree cafe where you can grab a plate of delicious home-cooked food to fill your bellies after a day on the lake.


Llyn Geirionydd

Another great place for paddleboarding and wild swimming that we recommend checking out. There is great car parking and toilet facilities. This means it’s ideal for families.


Llyn Geirionydd – Andy Waddington

Colwyn Bay Beach

Nice and close to our park, Colwyn Bay beach has incredible facilities for paddleboarding. The changing facilities, new sandy beach means you can relax in the sunshine while not getting wet and the showers mean that you can wash off the sand and saltwater after a session on the water.

Colwyn Bay Beach by Jeff Buck


Rock Climbing

Widely known as the ultimate place for climbers in the UK or even the world, North Wales has some amazing locations. More seasoned professionals will want to go to some extreme locations, however, we will list some accessible places for beginners – namely – indoor climbing.


Beacon Climbing Center

Located in Caernarfon, this is a large climbing centre that has just about every kind of climbing you could want.


Credit the Beacon


Boathouse Climbing Center

This is more local to us and located in Llandudno. While it is a lot smaller than its counterparts in Caernarfon and Anglesey it has enough challenging routes for anyone who wants a go.


Indy Climbing Wall

This climbing wall is another great choice. It is especially good for bouldering but has enough options so that anyone interested can have a good time.



Adventure Parc Surf Snowdonia

A perfect place to start surfing, Adventure Parc Snowdonia (formally Surf Snowdonia) features Britains’ first Wavegarden, a wave pool that means that people can come to and surf without any doubt of the surfing conditions in the ocean. Beginners will rejoice at the availability of surf lessons ranging from absolute beginners to advanced training.



If you are ready for the outdoors, then check this list of surf beaches in north wales that could give you the information you may need.



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