Autumn is considered by many to be the most beautiful time of year in North Wales, and if you’re up for an adventure then it’s definitely worth exploring! If you’re looking to spend some quality time with your friends or family, here are some of the best autumn days out in North Wales that you can enjoy during this lovely time of year.

1) Go on a Hike

The best time to hike is during autumn. The whole nature of a hike isn’t going to change regardless of what season it is – the main elements are all the same (Although you may need to be more conscious of clothing) but there are a couple of key advantages of going on a walk outside when autumn rolls around. First, if you’re looking for some alone time, an autumn day will generally have fewer people out and about. Secondly, autumn foliage can be breathtakingly beautiful. There are few things as magical as leaf-lined hiking trails.

2) Look at the Autumn Foliage at Bodnant Gardens, Wales

While many people don’t pay much attention to leaf colors until they start turning orange, red, and yellow we love to take full advantage of this short but vibrant season. Bodnant Gardens offers a display of brilliant hues that is worth visiting any time between October and November. Although it might seem like not enough time to spend on one attraction, considering that it only takes an hour or two to enjoy its top picks, you might have plenty of time left over for other activities!

3) Sample some craft beer at Wild Horse Brewery in Llandudno

The Wild Horse Brewery in Llandudno is a fantastic day out for beer lovers. This microbrewery boasts that it has some of the most delicious beers in Britain, and there’s a reason for that. There are always interesting specials on sale at Wild Horse—but don’t worry if you can’t choose just one! You can even get yourself an entire keg of this fantastic beer to keep yourself topped up or to enjoy with friends or family. This makes for a fun visit!

4) An autumnal beach walk

If there’s one thing that makes autumn great, it’s hiking on coastal paths—and no coastal path beats the Great Orme in Llandudno. It has some of the best views of the North Wales coast, so it’s worth making an effort to get there. Bring along some sandwiches and stop at different points along your walk for mini picnics. And don’t forget to take your camera; you’ll want proof you made it!

5) A day out in town and a coffee

Whilst a walk in town can be a nice change, a caffeine kick is needed to really get things going.
For most of us, daily life involves time spent working, commuting and hanging out with friends. So what are some easy-peasy ways to embrace autumn days? One of our favourite suggestions is to go for a quick stroll through town, Llandudno is one of our favourite locations – combine your love of shopping with a bit of exercise! Whether you head out to pick up gifts or pop into your local coffee shop for a warming drink, there’s no excuse not to take advantage of all that autumn has to offer!