Zip World

Have you ever wanted to fly over the North Wales Landscape? Gliding over lakes, valleys and forests as free as a bird? Well, Zip World can provide you with an experience like this. Zip World now has a collection of several massive zip lines that span large distances, including the longest zip wire in Europe at Zip World Titan, the fastest at Zip World Velocity, and underground and forest options too! If you or your kids like the idea of a gigantic zip wire, then you are in luck- because you’re supremely located to access this!

Snowdonia National Park

A veritable wonderland of outdoor adventure is to be found in Snowdonia National Park, it is a wide-open landscape with every manner of terrain you could wish for, from glistening lakes, verdant forests, shimmering meadows and rugged mountains. As such many folks can’t resist going on an outdoor adventure here. The first item on most people’s list is Snowdon (Yr Wyddfa in the native Welsh), this is accessible via a series of paths, we recommend the PYG track or the Miner’s track for first-time ascenders, but do ensure that you have appropriate kit for any outings.

Llandudno town

This seaside resort is known as the Queen of Welsh Resorts, scrupulous care and attention have been taken in ensuring that the Victorian nature of this resort town has been preserved. As such, for an authentic victorian seaside experience, you should check out Llandudno. It has a rich history, is home to the oldest mines in Europe which are located on the Great Orme, and is home to the Llandudno Museum and the Llandudno Homefront Museum too!

SC2 (Indoor Waterpark)

This waterpark is a fantastic place for kids to enjoy, it’s an indoor waterpark that has slides and a swimming pool. There is even a ‘water confidence’ area so kiddies who maybe aren’t too confident with the water 

Welsh Mountain Zoo

The National Zoo of Wales is home to tigers, penguins, Red Pandas, snow leopards, meerkats, and so much more! If you love all things wild then this is a fantastic place to come. Animals of all shapes and sizes are here to see for yourself. It’s the ideal location for a family day out. There is also a lemur enclosure that you can enter, so you can be among the animals yourself!

To conclude, North Wales is without a doubt one of the most amazing locations for anyone who loves gorgeous sights, history, adventure or animals. The best part of it – all of these locations are easily accessible from our holiday park which is located alongside the A55 north wales expressway. This means that in no time at all you can be on your way to any place across the North Wales region. The park also boasts panoramic views of the Irish sea and beyond – don’t miss out on your North Wales wonderland adventure, we’re even open all year round, so there’s always an opportunity to come and see what’s happening!