While many British citizens want to travel around during the glorious summer months, it’s also true that many folks are opting for a staycation. That is a vacation domestically within the British isles! A staycation when you holiday in your own country – and it’s not hard to think why. North Wales has some stunning locations where you can have an absolutely fantastic time away from home with an adventure on four wheels, be it campervanning or caravanning. 

One reason that Brits are choosing to stay in the UK is the obvious answer of travel restrictions. People don’t want to risk the hassle of getting stuck or restricted abroad so staying in the United Kingdom is an easy choice. 

Cost is another concern! Venturing overseas on a vacation can cost up to £1000 (and more depending on the trip away!) whilst a domestic trip staying in the UK costs around £550. Staying in the UK can therefore mean that you can afford to make more trips to places you want to visit.

Take your pooch with you! 

Travelling abroad with a pet poses all kinds of challenges! A holiday in the UK is a fantastic place to let them dip and dive in the ocean blue, whilst you stroll upon an idyllic beach. There are also plenty of woodland clearings for you to venture through while your dog hops over fallen branches and brambles. 

The scenery

North Wales’ vast coastline and the gorgeous countryside is absolutely to die for. No matter where you are in North Wales there is something to explore. You can find tucked away and beautiful beaches or glorious waterfalls that you could only dream of! Not to mention the expansive mountain ranges and valleys that contain hidden worlds in themselves. 

Outdoor adventures are abundant in North Wales, ranging from climbing to hiking and white water rafting, surfing and kayaking. There really is something for everyone to enjoy. 

The fascinating history

History buffs rejoice! The historical significance of the region back to the medieval ages, and even further back to the palaeolithic era. Learn all about the rebellions of Madog ap Llewelyn and Owain Glyndwr, and their battles against the English Garrisons. Or the Bronze age mines on Llandudno’s Great Orme, which have been providing resources and shelter for the locals for over a Millennium. Today it’s the home of the Great Orme Goats which made international news – thanks to them taking over the local’s gardens and munching on the hedges!

Perfect for larger groups

It’s easy to organise large get-togethers of family or groups of friends if you are staying in the UK – it’s so hard to organise it if you want to travel abroad. If you choose a staycation then it’s more likely everyone can join in on the fun. Having lots of great company surrounding you is what makes for an enjoyable life! 

Bron y Wendon is arguably the best location in the area for a staycation, thanks to its stunning views, ease of access from the expressway and locality to tourist hotspots like Llandudno, Colwyn Bay, Conwy, Anglesey and Snowdonia National Park. It’s an ideal choice.